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  • TeleConsult Service

    u2doc TeleHealth facilitates provision of care by doctors complemeting on-premise care saving travel time and money. Ask your family doctor about telemedicine services.

  • Certified Doctors

    u2doc listed doctors are certified and registered with the respective national health authorities to ensure the best doctors provide the health consumer globally with optimal expertise.

  • Direct Pay

    u2doc provides Direct Pay Online to facilitate payment of teleConsultation fees to doctors in particular patients without Medicare or in-between insurance policies.

  • Expert Opinion

    u2doc connects the health consumer to specialist doctors to expert and/or second opinion worldwide. Asian patients to access the best of healthcare in the US and vice versa.

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How To Use u2doc

Getting Started

Step 1: Free JOIN u2doc
Step 2: SELECT doctor
Step 3: PayPal PAY consultation fee online
Step 4: SEE DOCTOR online - teleConsult
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1. Computing Device : SMART TV, desktop, laptop, tablet pc, SMART phone, phone watch or SMART glass.
2. Internet Access : Wired and/or wireless broadband: GSM 2G, 3G, 4G.

How Much Will This TeleConsult Cost?

Consultation Fee is determined and set by the doctor. This is prepaid using PayPal online payment gateway.
Fees are displayed inside your u2doc account under the Doctor's Professional Profile.

1. Consultation Fee As Per Indicated
2. TBD - To Be Determined (whereby you are required to indicate your medical complaint before the fee is quoted)

Consultation Fee can start from US$50 onwards or lower as set by the attending doctor.

What About Corporate and Insurance Health cover?

Some Employers and Insurance companies cover online teleHealth visits. Check with Human Resources or Health Insurance company to see if online teleConsultation is covered.

Can I TeleConsult My Family Doctor?


Yes, you can instantly teleConsult if doctor is available.
Yes, you can make an Online Appointment if doctor is not available.
Yes, you can free email page (message 'call') if doctor is not online.

Yes, you can invite your doctor to join u2doc so that you are able to See Doctor Online™.

Do I Need To Give Consent?

Yes. In order to protect your interest and that of the service provider, it is mandatory that prior consent be given by you for the doctor to proceed with the online teleConsultation; and that you understand and agree to the terms of use.

Data Privacy

u2doc references PDPA and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) guidelines.

Can I TeleConsult A Doctor From Another Country?

Yes, unless you reside in a country with laws that forbids cross-border teleConsults, u2doc is by design a teleHealth platform that facilities anytime anywhere worldwide teleConsults.

Multi-discipline Consults Possibilities

With your consent, your attending doctor may include other doctors online in consulting your condition. Using u2doc, your family doctor is now able to provide you realtime clinical services in the form of collective telecare.

Will It Be Possible To Use u2doc For Aged Care Consults For My Parents?

Yes, doctors using u2doc can see patients at home with the use of a computer with webcam or a SMART TV.

How About My Workplace Using u2doc As A Telemedicine Tool?

Yes, your doctor can provide telemedicine services to the workplace in reducing loss of work hours and improve productivity. Some factories or schools with only nursing staff may now include teleconsultation care by a doctor.

I Have Been Just Diagnosed With A Serious Condition And Wish To Seek Second Opinion

u2doc may or may not already list the specialist doctors that you require. If yes, your attending doctors may use u2doc to exchange case notes authorized by you in discussing your condition online. If you are unable to locate a particular specialist, do let u2doc know your requirements and the u2doc Support Team will try to help locate and connect you quickly.

Emergency Care

u2doc is not recommended for use in emergencies. Patients and custodians are asked to refer to ER @ hospitals and rescue centers for emergency services.


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